Detail King Announces Merger of Car Detailing


Detail King Announces Merger of Car Detailing

[Pittsburgh, PA] – Detail King, the renowned leader in providing top-tier auto detailing supplies, equipment, and training, is thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated merger of Car Detailing This strategic alliance aims to create an unprecedented resource hub for automotive enthusiasts, detailing professionals and entrepreneurs looking to thrive in the auto detailing industry.

Established in 1999, Detail King has revolutionized the automotive care landscape with its unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, premium car detailing products, and comprehensive training programs. Through the years, Detail King has earned an impeccable reputation as the go-to destination for auto enthusiasts seeking the best-in-class solutions to achieve the ultimate shine and protection for their vehicles.

Car Detailing, a subsidiary always owned by Detail King, has been a longstanding pillar of detailing knowledge on the web. By seamlessly merging this invaluable asset with its existing blog, Detail King aims to consolidate an extensive repository of expertise, tips, and insider insights, elevating the learning experience and setting new industry benchmarks.

“By combining Car Detailing with our existing blog, we aim to elevate the learning experience for our community and foster an environment where creativity, knowledge-sharing, and innovation thrive,” said Jason Fung, Executive Director of Detail King.

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