Detailing the Dirtiest Car Ever

Follow our step by step process as the Detail King team takes an absolutely disgusting 1985 Mercedes 190c in the first ever edition of the Impossible Detail.

Before and After Impossible Detail

Four the last 4 years, Detail King’s Founder Nick Vacco drove by this vehicle on his way to work. Over the years, moss, algae and other debris slowly developed a thick layer over the surfaces of the vehicle.

In part 1, watch Nick tackle the moss & debris while preparing the vehicle for the initial wash.

How to Safely Remove Moss & Algae from Cars

  • Remove the twigs & debris not stuck to the paint before the vehicle gets wet
    • Pop the hood & clean out the crevices and engine bay
      • Claw LED Light
      • Tornador Blow Gun
  • Remove the moss, algae and sap stuck in the paint using Special Force All Purpose Cleaner
    • Only use soft-bristle brushes, like the following:
      • 82-005 Soft Grip Grill & Body Wash Brush
      • 85-812 Soft Bristle Body Wash Brush
      • Super Soft Tri-Level Brush

In part 2 of the Impossible Detail, watch each step as the team instructs one of Detail King’s auto detailing training seminar classes through the proper steps to wash, clay and protect a vehicle’s paint.

How to Wash, Clay & Apply Paint Protection:

  • Clean Engine with Citrus Cleaner and Brushes
  • Remove Bugs with Bug Off & Microfiber Bug Towel
  • Clean Wheels, Wheel Wells, and Tires with Citrus Cleaner, Tire & whitwalls with Special Force & Brushes
  • Clean Door Jambs, Running Boards, Convertible Tops, Gas Cap, etc. with Special Force & Brushes
  • Wash & Rinse Exterior with Foam Cannon and Black Cherry using a Microfiber Mitt
  • Rinse Soap Off
  • Clay Exterior with Wonder Lube and Nanoskin Clay Towel
  • Final Rinse
  • Dry with Microfiber Towel and/or Squeegee
  • Begin paint protection by taping off vehicle to map out segments
  • Compound Exterior if needed – Diamond Cut Step 1 (light), Diamond Cut Ultra (medium), Diamond Cut Deluxe (heavy) using a compounding pad
  • Polish Exterior – Blue Diamond & polishing pad
  • Apply Protection – Wax/Sealant/Ceramic – Cherry Wax, STS3000, Jade Coating
  • Dressings

In part 3, the detailing school takes on the interior. Follow through the proper steps to interior car detailing & reconditioning.

How to Detail Car Interiors

  • Remove Mats & Loose Debris
  • Vacuum
  • Clean the Headliner
  • Clean the Door Panels & Back Panel
  • Clean the Seats
  • Extract the Carpets
  • Detail the Nooks & Crannies
  • Apply Dressing/Conditioner
  • Clean Windows

Find all of the products, equipment, chemicals and supplies from these videos here: Detail King Store

Impossible Detail Round 2

The Detail King team took on another challenge, this time with an even dirtier Chevrolet Trailblazer. Check it out here.