How to Clean Vomit From a Car

Have you ever had that dreaded detail where the vehicle has fresh vomit waiting for you? Regardless of who or what got sick and regardless of what section of the vehicle this “fun” challenge awaits, the team at Detail King has been there; and done that. 

In this video, we show how to remove vomit from a car seat using Detail King’s Bio-Zyme cleaner. Bio-Zyme Enzyme Automotive Interior Cleaner is a specially formulated blend of bacterial enzymes that breaks down heavy organic stains & odors.

Best Way to Clean Vomit

While it may seem obvious that the goal is to remove all of the liquid and chunks from any areas where vomit is present, what is even more important is cleaning all of the liquid that seeps into the upholstery and/or foam of the seat as well as into the padding beneath the carpet. This step is required to remove the odors and bacteria that can reside underneath and in the fibers. 


  1. Remove the chunks. Use a spoon or old brush to scoop the vomit directly into a trash bag.
  2. Generously spray Bio-Zyme onto the infected area. Let product dwell for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Lightly apply a small amount of our Magic Cleaner Concentrate or Carpet Shampoo and then scrub the upholstery or carpet with water & a still nylon brush like our Step Panel and Carpet Brush.
    1. For leather or vinyl seating surfaces, scrub with a softer brush like our Soft Bristle Brush for Wheels and Interiors.
  4. Wipe away residual soap/water/dirt with an all purpose towel like our Turk Towels.
  5. Use a carpet extractor on all carpet and upholstery to fully remove any bacteria & odors.

There you have it!