How to Detail an Aston Martin DB11

Supercars should be cleaned and detailed often in order to protect this high investment. Detailers should offer a maintenance detail or express detail package for supercar owners specifically. This package could operate like a subscription service where the vehicle receives a maintenance detail on a specific day each month.

These expensive vehicles require the utmost care and extra caution to avoid any damage. This guide will walk through the essential components of an express detail package for Aston Martins.

What is a Supercar?

A supercar is a loose term used to describe those exotic, high-performance vehicles that grab your attention whenever you see them on the highway.

Considering that the average cost for entry-level Aston Martin DB11s starts at $208,000, owners of these supercars want them clean at all times.

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Part 1 – Clean & Detail Wheels

Part 2 – Wash & Wax

Part 3 – Apply Ceramic Coating