56 Tips to Grow & Fine Tune Your Auto Detailing Business – By Nicholas Vacco

Is your business ready for 2022? Hopefully my 2022 “56” Tips To Grow & Fine Tune Your Auto Detailing Business” will motivate you to update your business plan and set you up for a very successful New Year. If you have any additional tips or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact me: Nick.Vacco@blog.detailking.local

1. Update and revise your business plan for 2022 – You have one, right? If you do not have a business plan yet, now is the perfect time to develop it.

2. Trademark and Federally Register your business name and logo before someone else does.

3. Establish a Tik Tok account and create short but relevant before/after videos.

4. Consider subscribing to a CRM tool like Mobile Tech RX or URABLE to help manage the back-end of your business.

5. Sign up for a subscriber-based email service and create custom newsletters to send to your prospects and customers. Constant Contact and Mailchimp are affordable good choices.

6. Create attention grabbing Facebook ads to target your best prospects and engage your customer base.

7. Have your website audited for good SEO including; engaging content, page titles, descriptions, H1 and H2 tags, video content, photos, reviews, social media connections, educational material, customer testimonial videos.

8. Publish or update your Free Google Business listing – if you don’t, google will and the info they publish for your business may be incorrect. Keep your listing updated with fresh content, pics and videos. A good Google Business listing can rank even higher than organic rankings.

9. Offer Profitable Ceramic Coating services/coating maintenance services and consider attending our 1-Day Ceramic Certification Course.


10. Be sure you know your customers and what they are buying from you, drill down to their genders and ages so you can target and increase your ROI. Audience and Demographic analytics are CRUCIAL for the growth of your business.

11. Offer “After The Detail” maintenance details and hand washes for past customers. If you are not currently a mobile service possibly set up a mobile rig just to offer maintenance services.

12. Create quarterly revenue sales goals and determine the amount of cars and pricing you will need to do to achieve your revenue goals.

13. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and or a Networking Club like BNI to get yourself and your business in front of other businesses in your area.

14. Pursue at least 12 new commercial accounts you want to “close” this year (1 per month).

15. Recruit and reward your brand advocates for engaging new prospects with your business.

16. Update your showroom and waiting area with current POS materials, posters and a digital photo album of vehicles you have completed.

17. Surround yourself with people you can learn from and avoid all the underachievers and naysayers.

18. Contact your local newspaper to craft a story about your new or growing business.

19. Use an accounting software system like Quick Books for small business – it is critical that your business has this.

20. Audit your competitor’s web sites and social media channels and make sure your web site and social media channels are informative and stand out with great content, videos and photos.

21. Create QR codes for your business and tactfully use them to acquire new prospects and keep your customer base engaged more with your brand.

22. Register for one of Nick Vacco’s future one day Auto Detailing Marketing Classes.


23. Periodically check your employee’s drivers licenses to make sure their driving record is in good standing, especially if you are providing pick up and delivery of your customer’s vehicles.

24. Shop and compare your current insurance company policy premium costs and coverages.

25. Don’t leave money on the table, become proficient at cross selling & up selling your detailing, reconditioning and coating services to every customer.

26. Take before and after pics of the cars you have detailed and coated and publish them on Facebook and Instagram – then have your customers tag those pics so their friends see your work.

27. Have uniforms for you and your staff – your team must look professional at all times.

28. Generate leads and raise awareness with LinkedIn social advertising.

29. Make face to face sales calls to auto dealerships to procure ceramic coating and PPF jobs.

30. Put a fresh coat of paint inside your shop bays, epoxy your shop floor, and clean up your property.

31. Be sure your detail shop has good curb appeal and good noticeable signage.

32. Pursue boats, jet skis, motorcycles and RV customers – these are great profit makers!

33. Sponsor a local youth sports team and have your business name on their uniforms.

34. Hire a college student to create short before/after videos and help manage your social media channels including your new Tik Tok channel.

35. Consider enrolling in Harvard Business School Online – Entrepreneurship & Innovation Certificate Courses.

36. Expand your service offerings by adding profitable paint protection film services, headlight restoration, odor removal, paint chip repair and glass repair.

37. Concentrate on obtaining and publishing a 5 Star review from every customer for every job.

38. Choose a mentor to help you reach your goals in 2022, Contact your local SCORE chapter of retired business owners and executives to help you achieve those goals.

39. Go to car dealerships, ask for the Dealer Principle or General Manager, and pitch them on ceramic coatings and PPF.

40. Offer Mobile Coupons especially if you operate a mobile auto detailing business.

41. Offer Gift Cards or Gift Certificates especially during the holidays.

42. Get more involved with your community and consider providing charity car wash events throughout the year.

43. Watch Shark Tank to learn what investors expect a growing business to possess.

44. Spend at least 2 days per month prospecting face to face for new business, and making new contacts at other automotive type businesses like express lubes, tune up shops, stereo shops, body shops, repair shops, and car washes.

45. Set up 6 month performance reviews for your employees.

46. Be quick to fire and slow to hire; check references and terminate any Culture Busters before they cause irreparable damage.

47. Get to the gym to help stay fit – cardio is important and exercise can reduce “ownership stress.”

48. Bank 10% of your earnings every month, no matter how tight things get.

49. Fine tune your Google ads campaigns. Have an independent google ads expert audit your account and make suggestions to improve your ROI.

50. Strive to be the very best at what you do – never accept anything less of yourself & NEVER GIVE UP!!!

51. Consider offering Syncrony 6 Months Same As Cash Financing for your more expensive Coating & PPF services.

52. Look into Square and determine if the credit card processing, appointmnet confiming and other business tools that they offer make sense for you to sign up for.

53. Subscribe to trade publications like Auto Detailing News, Auto Laundry, Car Wash & Detailing magazines.

54. Subscribe to your community facebook pages and reach out to the community members with daily status updates and detailing specials for the locals.

55. Sign up for a text message service like Text Magic to send texts to your prospect and customer base highlighting sales, promotions, reminders and even free car care tips.

56. Provide your new customer a questionnaire to fill out on the day of their appointment. It can be a paper or digital form on a tablet. You can even email it to the customer in advance of their appointment day. Ask them for their name, address, phone number, email address, gender, age group, how they found you, year, make, model, and color of their vehicle. Also, have them check off the service(s) they are purchasing from you.

Ask them if they have any special instructions like: no car fragrance, don’t dress dashboard, check tire air pressure, etc. You will also need to know if they have had any recent paintwork and where on the vehicle the paintwork was done. Enter all this information into your customer database or CRM tool so you can easily refer to it next time and update it if necessary.

The information you gather with regards to age, gender and the services they purchased will be highly beneficial for creating prospect audiences and targeting these audiences on Facebook with ads and status update boosts.