Best Way to Clean a Car or Truck’s Undercarriage

A true detailing master not only offers undercarriage cleaning as an additional service but can efficiently complete this tedious task without a second step.

Car owners often forget about the underneath of the vehicle, even if they’re calling about a detail. Showing the customer the undercarriage during the walk around while explaining how vital proper maintenance is to the longevity of the vehicle can often lead to an upsell on the spot.

How Often Should You Wash Your Undercarriage?

While the standard should be to wash your vehicle every two weeks, your car’s undercarriage should be washed at least once per season or twice per year.

The most important time of the year to clean a car’s undercarriage is after each winter, especially if your vehicle drives on salted roads. The salt that helps us drive safely also has corrosive qualities that will lead to deterioration and rust if left untreated.

How to Clean the Undercarriage

The first step is to raise the vehicle high enough to actually work underneath. Make sure the rest of the vehicle has already been fully rinsed and cleaned, especially the tires and wheel wells. Then carefully move the car onto car jacks. Follow these steps from there:

  1. Use a pressure washer with the undercarriage pressure washer attachment, working from the front of the car to the back
  2. Spray our Citrus Degreaser to break down any tough dirt or grime, then scrub it away with BRUSH
  3. Do a final, thorough rinse with the pressure washer
  4. Use a silicone-based dressing like Detail King’s Bottoms Up Undercarriage Dressing to protect the undercarriage from road contaminants while restoring a deep, dark shine to the wells and surfaces. Silicone bonds to the undercarriage surfaces and creates a protective shield that fights against inevitable road spray & grime.

If applying Bottoms Up by hand, use a dressing applicator to fully cover all grooves and creases. Watch the above steps in action:

Knowing how to safely clean a vehicle’s undercarriage can separate your detailing business from the competition.