Buff and Shine Reflection Artist Pad Product Review

The Buff and Shine Reflection Artist Pad Series is one of the most versatile pad series on the market today. Since their inception in 1987, Buff and Shine has been a leader in several categories of automotive cleaning and detailing accessories, and their pads ensure consistency, quality, and durability.

Available in both five and six-inch options, they’ll fit many of your buffers or polishers. The Reflection Artist series of pads consist of a select few pads from Buff and Shine’s URO pad line-up that have proven to work exceptionally well when paired together for paint correction! They work with random orbital polishers, long-throw polishers, forced rotation DAs, and rotary machines. The pads work well with polishers from Rupes, Flex, Porter Cable, Makita, DeWalt, and most other brands as well!