How to Detail a Matte Finish

You may have noticed a new trend in automobile paint jobs: matte finishes. While matte finishes have been popular with car enthusiasts for some time, the average customer can now purchase this look from the dealership. Many car manufacturers now offer matte color options for select vehicles.

So how do you detail a matte finish?

While the process is not more difficult than detailing a gloss finish, there are some differences to be aware of that we’ll review below in this guide to detailing matte vehicles.

Steps to Detailing Matte Finishes

Cleaning and detailing matte vehicles is similar to detailing a glossy paint finish, but there are definitely some differences. Like every other vehicle on the road, it will always be better to hand wash a vehicle with a matte finish versus taking it through an automated carwash. Matte finishes though can scratch even more easily from one of those drive-thru tunnels.

When it comes to cleaning or maintaining a vehicle with matte finish paint or a matte wrap, Detail King recommends nothing other than washing with a plain carwash soap such as our Super Suds. You do not want to use a wash & wax product or anything with a protection or shine additive so that you can keep the matte finish looking the way it is intended to look. Using a wash & wax will add a gloss to the matte finish which most customers do not want if they have a matte-finish vehicle.

*An important thing to note is that paint correction cannot be done on matte finish paint or vinyl. Once there is an imperfection in a matte finish, it cannot be removed and requires repainting or a new piece of vinyl applied to get rid of that imperfection. Trying to do paint correction on a matte finish will end up resulting in a ruined matte finish and a smooth, shiny spot that you will not be able to undo.

Interior Detailing Services

There are multiple methods for making your interiors shine or look clean, although using a high gloss dressing or treatment on interiors can cause some potential issues for drivers:

  • Glare off of the dashboard when the sunlight reflects off the treated dashboard
  • Slight greasy appearance that most glossy interior dressings leave behind
  • Customer satisfaction can be difficult to achieve with cheap matte dressings

Fortunately, Detail King’s Pearl Gloss interior dressing will provide an even glossy finish that can be reduced to a semi-gloss or even a matte finish when diluted with water. Pearl Gloss is a versatile product that will not only save you money and time but also allow you to accommodate whatever your customers prefer when it comes to the finish of their interior.