Should I Ceramic Coat a Matte Finished Vehicle?

We answer common questions about ceramic coating on a matte surface.


Detailers and car enthusiasts all want to know whether ceramic coatings can or should be applied to matte finishes, and if matte paint and matte vinyl would be treated the same.

The most common question is: If I apply a ceramic coating to a matte finish vehicle, will it make the finish glossy? The answer is no. But will a ceramic coating change the appearance of a matte finish vehicle? The answer to this question is a little more complicated.

Ceramic coatings will change the appearance of the matte finish to some extent, but not as much as some may think.


Just how much will the appearance change?


For Jade ceramic coatings, that answer depends on two things: the amount of active ingredient in the formula, and the viscosity – or thickness – of the coating. The appearance will change more when more active ingredient is left behind on the surface. Therefore, coatings that are more viscous and have high levels of active ingredient will have the most impact.

Because of those variables, the effect on the appearance can be anywhere from barely visible to a deeper, richer color.

With our lineup of Jade products, regardless of the coating you choose, the surface will stay matte. What changes from one coating to the next is the level of impact on the overall appearance – and, of course, the amount of time it lasts (1-7yrs)! 


Making the right choice


Longer-lasting coatings like Jade Obsidian contain more of the active ingredient, so they will deepen the color of the matte finish the most. Inversely, shorter term coatings like Jade Ruby with less active ingredient and a thinner, sprayable viscosity will have the least impact on the appearance.

When selling ceramic coatings to customers with matte vehicles, make sure they understand these differences when they choose their coating. Consider preparing a sample strip like the one in our video to show potential customers the before and after as well as the difference between coatings.

Matte finishes are expensive, so it’s important to protect them – especially because once there’s an imperfection, there’s no way to fix it without completely replacing it. Typical paint correction steps like compounding and polishing will ruin the matte paint or vinyl. Ceramic coating these vehicles saves money in the long run.

Both car enthusiasts and professional ceramic coating installers should check out our video below to see the difference that each of the Jade products make on our matte finish vinyl. 

If you are an installer and want to offer ceramic coatings for matte finish vehicles, take the time to educate customers about what to realistically expect. Making samples like we did in our video will really help your customer understand just what the finish will look like!