Which Car Soap is Right for You?

Find out what makes each of our car wash soaps unique.


There’s no doubt about it – there are a lot of options out there for car wash soaps. Choosing the right one comes down to understanding the unique applications for each.

Here, we will be looking at all the options we offer at Detail King and when to use them. Each of our car wash shampoos are high foaming, highly dilutable, and high quality, but they all have their own purpose.


Black Cherry Wash & Shine


To start off, Black Cherry is a high foaming soap with polymers that add a nice shine when you use it to wash your vehicle.

Like other wash and wax soaps, this is a great product to use for maintenance washes. Whether you wash your vehicle weekly, bi-weekly, or whenever you have the time, Black Cherry is guaranteed to leave a shine that will impress.


Super Suds High Foaming Wash


Like Black Cherry, Super Suds is a great high-foaming wash. The key difference is that it does not have any wax or polymer ingredients. Therefore, this soap is a good fit if you’re planning to apply wax or another protective layer after.

Super Suds was specially designed for use with a foam cannon, but it’s great for hand washes, too.


Fresh Start Stripping Prep Wash


Fresh Start is our go-to for use before a full exterior detail. It’s tough on grime, and it will strip old wax or sealant off the surface of the vehicle. This is an ideal soap to use before performing paint correction.


Detox Silica/Ceramic Wash


Our Detox soap was specifically designed to be used on vehicles protected by a ceramic coating. It will prolong the life of the coating by cleansing the pores in the ceramic and boosting its hydrophobic properties.


Wash & Graph Graphene Wash


Wash & Graph is formulated to revamp your graphene coating. Using this soap for every wash will boost hydrophobic properties and cleanse the surface, ensuring that the original graphene coating will stay strong for the full duration of its life.

While other shampoos won’t damage ceramic and graphene coatings, they can hamper shine and moisture-wicking properties. For that reason, we recommend only using dedicated ceramic and graphene wash soaps for vehicles that have a ceramic coating on them.

That concludes our quick overview of our line of car wash soaps. Each product works well for hand washes and for use in foam cannons. If you have any remaining questions, reach us at (724) 325-0008.